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Beaulieu International Group is a renowned international group with headquarters in Belgium. Today this industrial group holds a solid market position both in producing raw materials and intermediate goods and in offering an extensive range of perfectly finished floorcoverings.

Beaulieu International Group is composed of three business units. 'Flooring Solutions' is the European leader in wall-to-wall floorcoverings (carpet, needle felt, artificial grass, cushion vinyl, vinyl planks, laminate, parquet & wall panels). A second business unit, 'Granules', produces polypropylene granules for numerous applications. And the third business unit, 'Engineered Products', houses the activities 'Fibres', 'Yarns', 'Technical Textiles' and 'Technical Sheets'.

Beaulieu International Group has 4,325 employees in 29 plants, 11 sales offices and 8 distribution centres spread across 16 countries. In 2015, the Beaulieu International Group's turnover was €1.6 billion.

Beaulieu Flooring Solutions is the partner for all your flooring projects, both residential and commercial.

Key People

Marc Verleyen
General Manager
+32 (0)56 67 24 08

Vicky Vandendriessche
Management Assistant
+32 (0)56 67 22 21

lngelmunstersteenweg 162
8780 Oostrozebeke


Tel: +32 (0)56 67 22 11

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