Genan has existed since 1990 and is a global leader for the production of SBR rubber infill for artificial turf. This is manufactured at Genan's 5 plants in Denmark, Germany and the USA.

Producing a clean, uniform product coupled with high capacity plants, full traceability and flexibility of product makes Genan an important partner for leading manufacturers of artificial turf.

SBR rubber granulate is made from scrap tyres originally produced from the very best rubber available giving the finished product the same superior properties such as elasticity, weather resistance and good ageing properties.

Genan infill is renowned for being a very clean and consistent product being virtually dust free. The infill is thoroughly monitored and tested throughout the production process.

The cleanliness and consistency of the product coupled with low bulk density makes Genan infill the perfect, cost-effective choice for achieving the desired performance levels of any artificial turf installation.

Key People

Daniel Schockmann
Sales Director Central Europe
+49 151 1083 2563

Barry Stocker
Sales Director UK and Ireland
+44 788 4484 343

Genan GmbH
Birkenallee 80
D-16515 Oranienburg

Tel: +49 3301 578-0

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