GreenFields is a Dutch company with its head office located in Nijverdal. As part of the TenCate Grass group, we have focused for many years on developing, producing, creating and installing innovative artificial turf systems. Currently we have dealers across the world and our products are marketed in more than 170 countries.

An essential part of our success is our collaboration with TenCate Grass, with our international character, a common mentality and a shared drive to innovate. They complement and reinforce one another. And we share a common goal: to raise sport to a higher level.

Key People

Edwin Grobbink
Product Manager
+31 613 511 364

Gert Boers
Managing Director
+31 548 633 303

G. van der Muelenweg 2
7443 RE Nijverdal

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 548 633 333

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