Hedef Synthetic Grass

Artificial turf compared to natural grass has a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance and are much more durable material. The average annual lifetime of natural grass was limited to 250 hours to 1,000 hours this time, even in the artificial turf ground, accurate and careful usage is more than 1000 hours. Again, the artificial turf floors with natural grass much less than with exercise can be maintained and maintenance costs much lower and could be possible is a product. artificial turf carpet floors are very hot and very cold weather conditions far less affected because all weather conditions suitable for use in the property that have. It also shows the artificial turf is much higher performance is. Also on the water permeability due to water retention protection feature as it is much faster and also enjoy seamless quality of the game provide along. Most importantly, every season compared to natural grass sports facilities and landscaping areas clean green image is that it makes it possible to obtain.

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