Creating a better business and a clean conscience

Re-Match offers the only green, patented technology on the market, that makes recycling of worn-out turf a beneficial deal for everyone - including the enviroment.

Without leaving any waste from the original components Re-Match provides sport arenas and stadiums the opportunity to dispose of their used synthetic turf without negativly effecting the environment. Re-Match will pick up your old synthetic turf for less than what you would pay in disposal fee at the landfill. This means, you will be able to dispose of your old turf in an environmentally friendly way and save money at the same time.



Key People

Dennis Andersen
Director Business Development
+45 61 20 46 41

Don Lauritsen
Sales Manager Central Europe
+31 (0) 6 57226463

Hi-Park 415
7400 Herning



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